Facial Mole Removal

A mole on the face is considered a sign of beauty; however if the mole grows too big, or if there are numerous facial moles, one may consider facial mole removal. Facial mole removal should preferably be done by your doctor and not at home face beauty hq.

Your doctor will take a look at the size and shape of the mole, and decide on the best removal option to use. Whichever option is chosen, a local anesthetic is first injected into the surrounding skin to help numb the area.


Excision is the oldest mole removal used where the tissue around the mole is cut deep enough to remove deep cells, tissue and mole completely with a scalpel. The resulting hole is stitched up to guarantee the complete removal of the mole. However there may be a scar at the mole site; how prominent the scar remains depends on the size and depth of the incision make to remove mole cells.


If the mole is not that deep, shaving is a good facial removal option. Here the doctor uses a sharp blade to shave off the skin till the mole is even with facial skin. While no stitches are used here, it can leave behind mole cells which may divide and form a mole once again.

Laser removal

Laser mole removal is the latest mole removal method used today with a highly concentrated and specialized laser. This mole removal method is best for removing flat and superficial moles with as many as three treatments to ensure complete mole removal. Though extensive, this facial removal method does not leave any scars as it only affects superficial skin layers.


In case of electrocautery, a specialized piece of equipment is used to burn the superficial skin layers off. However as this heating device cannot reach or penetrate deep skin layers, it does not help in removing raised moles and moles that reach deep into the skin.

You have to decide on the right facial mole removal option to used based on your budget, the size and position of the mole and how deep your mole is. Whichever option your doctor finally suggests and uses for facial mole removal, you have to make sure you keep the mole site clean and bacteria free to avoid infection.
Care after facial removal

Keep your body hydrated with about 8 glasses of water everyday as this helps with skin structure restoration and cell reproduction. You can help prevent allergies by applying a lightweight hypoallergenic moisturizer to the site once a day. Avoid sun exposure after the mole is removed as the sun makes the scab red and easily burns it to leave scars. If you have to go outdoors, it’s better to do so after applying some sun screen on the scab and surroundings.